Monday, October 27, 2008

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Cotton Pants

Price : RM45

Fabric: Cotton + Polyester

Waist 62cm Length 87cm Hip 82cm Leg Round 40cm Elastic Waist

Color : Black, Blue, Dark Grey, Camel

Zebra Tights

Price : RM45

Fabric : Cotton + Polyester

Waist 57-80cm Length 87cm Elastic Waist

Zipper Checkers

Price : RM78

Fabric : Blended Cotton

Bust 102cm, Length 68cm, Sleeves 30cm Without Interlining

Color : Black, Beige, Red

Kimono Crossover

Price : RM60

Fabric : Cotton Padded

Length 53cm, Sleeves 54cm, Bust 84cm, Shoulder 36-40cm Without Interlining

Color : Blue, Red, Black

Copper Windbreaker

Price : RM63

Fabric : Blended Cotton

Length 63cm, Sleeves 53, Bust 74-90cm, Shoulder 38cm

Color : Grey, Black, Beige

Lambs Jacket

Price : RM50

Fabric : PVC + Cotton Padded + Fleece

Length 40cm, Shoulder 32cm, Bust 82cm

Color : Camel, Coffee, Black

Kawaii Pullover (OUT OF STOCK)

Price : RM42

Fabric: Plush Wool

Bust 92cm, length 59cm, shoulder 39cm, Sleeves 53cm Without Interlining

Color : Coffee, Creamy

Warm Plush

Price : RM47

Fabric: Plush Wool

Bust 100cm, length 71cm, shoulder 37cm, Sleeves 53cm

Color : Coffee, Black, Green

Velvet Coat

Price : RM50

Fabric : Thin Velvet

Length 72cm, Sleeves 50cm, Bust 88cm, Shoulder 40cm

Color : Blue, White

Victoria Pearl

Price : RM40

Fabric : Knitted Cotton

Length 36cm, Sleeves 53, Bust 80cm, Shoulder 37cm Without Inner T

Color : Blue, Grey, Black

Checks And Roma (OUT OF STOCK)

Price : RM47

Fabric : Roma Flannelet

Length 80cm, Bust 88cm, Sleeves 20cm, Shoulder 35cm

Color : Tree, Black

Romantic Body

Price : RM50

Fabric : Knitted Cotton

Length 65cm, Sleeves 60, Bust 100cm, Shoulder 41cm Sewn 2 in 1

Color : Black, Violet

Slim Beauty (OUT OF STOCK)

Price : RM40

Fabric : Knitted Cotton

Length 56cm, Sleeves 54, Bust 80cm, Shoulder 35cm Without Inner T

Color : Grey, White

Stunning Satin

Price : RM47

Fabric : Silky Satin

Length 62cm, Sleeves 62, Bust 90cm, Shoulder 38cm

Color : Beige, White

Wool Hoops

Price : RM45

Fabric : Wool Flannelet + Chiffon

Length 50cm, Sleeves 58, Bust 92-100cm Without Inner T

Color : Red, Blue, Beige, Black, Yellow

Casual Beauty

Price : RM40

Fabric : Knitted Cotton

Length 62cm, Sleeves 60, Bust 110cm, Shoulder 42cm

Color : Black, White